Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Current and Future Colleagues,

Welcome to the website of “Sky Victory” ATO (Approved Training Organisation for pilots).

Aim: Training of pilots and aviation specialists from Bulgaria, Europe and from around the world.

Certificate: BG/ATO-012

Subject: Provision of various training courses for amateur and professional pilots of an airplane up to level second pilot of Airbus A320 aircraft.

Way: By consolidation and effective use of available resources of aviation equipment and personnel in Bulgaria for quality training.

About us

The idea for the creation of “Sky Victory” was suggested by some colleagues from DG CAA in connection with the entry into force of Regulation 1178 and the increasing requirements of EASA towards the training organisations, the demand for an alternative to the use of existing training planes and flight simulation complexes, as well as the revival of abandoned airfields. We will strive to attract students from abroad and to partner on a mutually advantageous basis with all colleagues and organisations in the country.

Together we can overcome the crisis and preserve the resources invested so far in aviation, with a view to a better future.


From 01 June 2014 Sky Victory ATO will start operations from Cherniovo airdrome LBHT, Ihtiman, 35km from Sofia.